AN INSPIRING Muirkirk teacher is begging for help to get pupils some simple school supplies.

Lauren Bone has been working in Vietnam for seven months and despite falling in love with the country she couldn’t help but notice how a lot of families struggle.

She saw some families with up to eight people being forced to share one single room to sleep, eat, and live together.

Now her dream is to put on free English classes to help locals with their careers, businesses, and with tourism.

To get the classes off the ground Lauren is asking for help to buy learning books, pens, pencils, and other vital supplies to teach adults and kids so they can escape the extreme poverty.

Lauren said: “I want to do a fundraiser because Vietnam has done so much for me so all I want to do is give back in some way.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“Conditions in Da Nang depend on where you go.

In the city it is more affluent and the city is growing all the time.

“But all you have to do is go outside for 10 minutes or go down the side streets in the city and you see a family of 6,7,8 people all living in one bedroom.

Some kids really have nothing.“I currently live around 20 minutes outside the city and my dream is to set up free English classes for those who otherwise can not afford to do so.

Having a dad in the army Lauren is no stranger to travel, but says Vietnam has always been a dream of hers since she was a youngster.

After finally making the trip out there she is loving being a teacher and enjoying the culture.

She was stunned to see that even though a lot of families have nothing they are still very happy people.

Lauren added: “Coming to Vietnam has been a dream since I was around 13-years-old.

“The country’s beauty and the lifestyle over here really drew me in.

“I have fallen in love with Vietnam, with the local Vietnamese people, with my kids in my classes.

“My whole family is from Muirkirk but my dad was in the army until I was 15 so travelling and experiencing new people and new cultures has been ingrained into me.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“There is such a passion and want to learn English here. Kids and adults alike. But what shocks me the most about Vietnam is everyone is happy.

“They don’t need things, kids don’t sit in doors all day they are out on bikes with no seats, deflated balls, but smile all the time.

“Material objects don’t matter, family and friends do.”

To support Lauren you can donate on her GoFundMe page.