A DETERMINED dad completed the London Marathon despite battling a nasty stomach bug the whole way.

New Cumnock’s Derek Montgomery said he lost 14 pounds on the weekend of the race after being struck by the illness.

But he said dropping out of the marathon was never an option after training and raising funds over the past year.

Derek crossed the finishing line in just five hours even though he had to stop for cramps throughout the race.

Even taking a drink of water was enough to trigger massive pains in his stomach forcing him to stop running.

Despite the gruelling pains and massive 26.2 mile track in front of him the strong-willed lorry driver didn’t let it hold him back.

It comes after Derek was left devastated after losing his dad and brother which inspired him to devote his life to fundraising.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Through his running he has raked in well over £30,000 for Cancer Research UK.

The dad of two’s main ambition is to combine his passion for running and devotion to fundraising to save him suffering the same heartbreak he went through.

He stays motivated by the thought that the huge funds raised through his marathons are going to vital research which could save the lives of people like his dad and brother.

So when he had to pause at just five miles from the end after suffering from severe cramps, Derek knew giving up was never an option. He re-joined the race and threw himself over the iconic finishing line and officially completed his seventh London Marathon.

The relief and pr ide of bagging yet another race made all his efforts worth it and he accepted his well earned medal.

Derek said: “It was never an option not to do the race. I had spent too much time and effort and raised too much money to pull out, I said I was doing it and wanted to follow through.

“I’m always glad to complete the race but didn’t help being up at 3am on the morning of the marathon with a stomach bug.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“I had to go get medicine for my stomach since it got so bad.

“I just want to do my hobby which is running and help as many people as possible while I do it.

“I don’t have any plans to stop soon, I want to do at least 10 London Marathons, that would be brilliant. I lost my dad and my brother to cancer which hit me really hard, that’s why I want to raise so much cash for the charity because I know exactly what it feels like to lose someone.

“So if I can help other people to not go through that by running then that’s what I will do.”