DRUG and alcohol addicts should be given free bus passes to encourage them to attend appointments to deal with their addiction, Scottish MPs will hear today. 

The Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster is meeting today (Tuesday, May 7) to probe the national drug issue as substance-related deaths are expected to reach a record high when latest figures are announced this Summer.

In 2015 a drug support group in Aberdeenshire worked alongside Transport Scotland where users were given a free bus pass. 

Aberdeen alcohol and drug partnership's case study has been included in today's meeting. 

The case study claims: "Access to affordable transport is fundamental to most people’s recovery and is an important part of ensuring health and social care services work efficiently.

"A survey of professionals and community members to look into this belief yielded almost 800 responses from across Scotland."

Bus travel is already free for those with disabilities and people with long-term mental health problems.