POLICE have found more cruel traps to choke wild animals in Cumnock and Auchinleck.

Officers have now removed sharp wires that had been placed to kill wildlife in the area.

The trap captures deers, dogs, cats, and other unfortunate animals who wander into them and forces them to suffer horrific conditions.

They have even been branded ‘indiscriminate’ by animal welfare charities and are often illegal.

Now residents are being warned that these sort of traps are being set up in the local area which could hurt their pets.

Police said: "Officers from Cumnock have been notified of snares being used in the Auchinleck and Ochiltree area.

"Unless the snare is licensed and tagged all others are illegal. If you see any please notify your local officers who will arrange for them be removed.

"The sharp wire was wrapped between trees in a bid to capture wild deer and animals."

The Scottish SPCA are now advising pet owners and dog walkers in the area to be extremely vigilant.

Scottish SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn told the Chronicle: “This looks like a typical example of an illegal snare.

“Snares are indiscriminate and will capture any animal, be that a deer or dog or cat.

“The suffer ing that an animal endures in a snare is horrific and while snaring continues, suffer ing will continue and that is why we are in favour of an outright ban on the use of snares in Scotland.

“If anyone does find a snare, we ask that you leave it untouched and to contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 if you believe it to have been set illegally.”