A DISTRAUGHT bed and breakfast owner is terrified business will plummet if a major new wind farm is built in her back garden.

Kirstie Murphy,50, is fearing her livelihood will suffer if Sanquhar II is built right outside her property which is set to be one of the largest in the UK.

The plans include 50 gigantic turbines that will stand at 200m tall which is twice the size of the statue of liberty which stands at 93m.

Now Kirstie has been left feeling swept aside along with her neighbours who are also worried their mental health could suffer from the project.

But Community Wind Farm Company who are building the scheme insist the wind farm will help the community and even boost employment and education.

The proposed wind farm is located west of Sanquhar and south of Kelloholm in Dumfries and Galloway.

Kirstie said:“Apparently this has been in the pipeline since 2014 but we only received lett er s last August.

“There’s going to be about 20 pr oper ties affected which includes me and my neighbours.

“We are going to experience flicker from the blade noise and a constant humming that will keepus up at night.

“All the health impacts that come with these wind farms are being brushed under the carpet as well.

“I’m scared I will be imprisoned in my own home.

“We had a property for sale and sold it within three weeks but as soon as the buyer realised it was on the market they pulled out. It is just going to be terrible.

“We get a lot of walkers coming through here for the area’s nature and beauty. Now they will be put off and it will completely ruin the scenery.

“There has been a petition launched now to stop the wind farm going ahead.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“I run a bed and breakfast all year round that is always busy. It is mine and my husbands retirement plan but it will be totally ruined if the wind farm goes up. People won’t want to stay anywhere near it.

“There is no one who wants natural energy and to help the planet than me, but to what extent do we take it.

Another cornered resident said Sue Hall said: “Local residents are horrified by the cumulative visual impact, the impact of these turbines on such a beautiful area, the closeness of some turbines to homes (1 km or less in some cases), the potential impacts on private water supplies, local tourism, wildlife, house prices and localtraffic. Each Turbine will require 10 wagons for transport so 500 wagons on the A76.”

But Community Wind farm said: “Community Wind power Lt d are delighted to announce that a planning application for a 350 Megawatts (MW), 50 turbine extension to our operational Sanquhar Community Wind Farm has been submitted to The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit.

“Over the 35 year operational life of Sanquhar II, £630 million will be invested into the local and Scottish economy.

“This includes funding for community benefits, creation of at least four permanent jobs, business rates, general site maintenance, operational and maintenance of t he turbines and grid connections costs.

“For example, an excess of £4 million would be invested annually through business rates to Dumfries & Galloway and East Ayrshire councils.

“This equates to over £150 million during the operational lifespan of the wind farm; a significant investment which the councils can use to support vital local services and facilities, in turn helping to improve education, employment and the local authority areas.”