COPS in Ayrshire are working with the local community to prevent anymore farm animals being mauled by dogs.

Ayrshire police are now proactively engaging with land owners and dog walkers to highlight the dangers of livestock worrying.

This time of year sees an increase in the number of reports of animals being attacked and killed which can be devastating for farmers and owners.

Local officers are working with a number of partners and member of the community to try andreduce the number of injuries caused to animals in our countryside.

Ayrshire Partners Against Rural Crime (APARC) are one of the partners involved in this initiative and are encouraging farmers and dog walkers to work together to prevent these incidents occurring.

One of these incidents related to a dog in Cumnock which had escaped from a garden and attacked and killed sheep in a nearby field.

Sergeant Harvey from Cumnock Locality Policing Team is highlighting the damage caused by livestock worrying with @ Dumfries_House.