AN UNLUCKY has been trapped in an illegal wildlife snare in Ochiltree.

Police are investigating an incident after receiving reports that an otter was caught in the sick snare in a local dam.

It comes after several horrific traps have been spotted across Cumnock and Doon Valley leaving pet owners and animal lovers terrified for the safety of deer’s, dogs, and other innocent creatures wandering in the woods.

Sharp wires are being wrapped between trees in a bid to capture local animals.

The trap captures th e wildlife in horrific conditions forcing them to suffer and are being branded ‘indiscriminate ’ by animal welfare charities.

Cumnock Chronicle:

The animals will walk straight into the device and become instantly trapped , and the wire will choke them to death.

The Scottish SPCA are now advising pet owners and dog walkers in the area to be extremely vigilant.

Police are urging members of the public to be cautious and to come forward if they know anything.

Contact 101 if you have any further information.

Cumnock Chronicle: