A TERMINALLY-ill pensioner is celebrating after finally getting a house in Cumnock to live in.

Drew McCartney, 67, was left feeling ‘homeless’ after his MND forced him to live in a static caravan with no running water for months.

His illness left him feeling ‘trapped’ in his living room as his house became unsafe to live in when his health rapidly deteriorated.

Drew was left devastated after saving up for a dream cruise holiday before being struck down by his illness forcing him to spend his savings on rent jumping from temporary locations each month.

He was constantly on edge after being told hewas not suitable for any disabled housing.

Now after living between the caravan and different flats apartments from month to month the pensioner has finally been given appropriate long term living conditions.

Dumfries council and East Ayrshire Council both offered him a disabled access house after his story was covered widely in the press.

Drew decided to take the Cumnock house so he could be home with his family and friends again.

He said: “It’s a lot easier for me now in the new house. It has a sink that moves up and down and the doors are much wider.

Small things like that make a massive difference for me.

“It means I can get my wheelchair around and wash and cook for myself.

“We haven’t managed tosell our original house yet but it is still on the market.

“We had to stay in flats and hotels over Christmas since the caravan park was shut because of weather and had planned to go back springtime but I’m so glad we have been offered proper housing now.

“The only thing I’m worried about now is when my time comes my wife will be forced out the house since it is just for disabled access and I don’t know where she will go, but for now we are quite happy.

“We have a suitable home now the only thing is when the time comes for me this disease my wife doesn’t get staying in the house, but we are quite happy the now.

“I am glad to to be around family and friends since I need a lot of help.”