A KIND-HEARTED Ochiltree man is honouring local legends by restoring a public bench and organising a sponsored walk.

David Reid, 62, is paying tribute to the men ‘who made him the man he is today’ by building a community shelter and summer seat in their memory.

It comes after the group of men used to meet at the seat years ago to discuss and debate local issues and soon became pillars in the village.

But after years of harsh weather the shelter was blown down and the bench badly deteriorated over time.

Now David wants to rebuild the meetup spot so future generations can enjoy the peaceful views and have their very own discussions.

He is now working on completely rebuilding the space with a few others and open the space on April 13th with an organised walk.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Locals are urged to get involved and help raise money for other projects in the area.

Three of the original men who used the bench will also be attending the mile long walk to see the final revamp of their bench and shelter.

David said: “Ochiltree trying hard to be a community again so things like this that brings us together is important.

“I remember the group of men went through everyday and sometimes even at night and would have talks and debates then walk back with their dogs.

“There was loads of them but there was six in particular that had their names made up and put on them the bench.

“That was years ago and since then the weather and time blew the shelter away and left the summer seat in a terrible state.

“The name plates faded and seat became very worn but I decided to fix it up. The project just grew arms and legs since then and everyone wants to get involved.

“Families of the men who used the bench donated as well and wanted to see the bench restored and from that we decided to put up the shelter as well.

“I want to get everyone involved with kids and families to really enjoy the summer seat and shelter.

“I want to let them talk to the old ones and see what it used to be like and just bring the community together. It will also let everyone see what the community action led group does and what we spend money and time on.

“I remember seeing them as a big group of pals who were always up for a chat and interesting to listen to. I used to work with someone of them and I looked up to them.

“In Ochiltree u ken everyone. I really looked up to them in the community they made me the man I am today listening to their life experiences.

“Now I just want to give something back.”