A TRUCK has ploughed into a car garage at a house in Mauchline.

Cops scrambled to Sorn Road at 1.40pm after the vehicle smashed into the property destroying a wall.

It is not known if anyone was injured in the crash but witnesses said they saw a man hurt his leg in the comotion.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Eye witnesses claimed the truck had been delivering straw to a farm when the trailer detached and took off down the hill.

Locals were seen running after the trailer to prevent further destruction before it smashed into the wall.

A witness said: "There was a truck with a trailer attached to it but when it swung out the farm the trailer came loose and flew down the road.

Cumnock Chronicle:

"It smashed into cars and pushed them out onto the pavement.

"It's demolished a wall at the front of a house after smashing into a garage.

"It must have traveled a couple hundred yards down the hill.

"People were running to chase the trailer before it did anymore damage.

"A van was stopped at the bottom of the road but the driver of it was outside and I think he got his leg caught, I think he was okay though.

"The road was closed after it and about four police cars showed up."

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: "We received reports at around 1.40pm of a vehicle believed to be a lorry or truck of some sort going through a wall on Sorn Road in Mauchline.

"Emergency services attended the scene."

More to follow.