A PENSIONER desperately misses her family after being unable to see them after Stagecoach axed the x76 service.

The direct route from Cumnock to Glasgow let 79-year-old Isabel Muir meet up with her family who live in Helensburgh.

Now she has been left isolated from loved ones, with the bus company refusing to reinstate the service.

Isabel was left gutted when the connections became a ‘horrendous hassle’ which meant she couldn’tlink up with the city centre.

But stagecoach still insist there wasn’t a high enough demand to keep the life-changing service on the road.

Isabel said: “It is such a mess I relied on the bus very much, it was a real luxury.

“My family live in Helensburgh and so Glasgow was a great meeting point for us all to get together. Now it is really hard to see them.

“Not having the bus has affected my whole life.

“I just don’t see the need to cancel it because it was alway so busy.

“I don’t get out to the city anymore its just a horrendous hassle even trying to without the x76.

“It was so easy, comfortable, and definitely worth while. I was so good seeing my family often because they could meet me easily.

“Now I’m older it is hard to see them and they have to travel all the way to Cumnock for a visit which is much less frequent.

“I don’t get to see them nearly as much. It is a massive problem in my life.

“I didn’t even get to go Christmas shopping in Glasgow this year which I love doing.

“I would love to see it return and I miss my family so much.”

Stagecoach said the connecting ser vice at K ilmarnock is more appropriate.

A spokesperson for Stagecoach West Scotland advised: "In September 2018, passengers were given the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the changes to the X76 via a questionnaire, this was conducted over a period of two weeks to gather a fair representation of peak travel habits and off peak travel habits.

"Customers on board were asked if they travelled on the 76 or 50 service to Kilmarnock to then travel on board the X76 to Glasgow, 86% customers on board who completed the survey stated that they did not use either the 76 or 50 service. In addition, the new X76 service received a weighted average of 4.23 out of 5 when asked to rate the service.

"This combined with the analysis carried out over a period of 18 months prior to the service changes confirms that a change of bus at Kilmarnock Bus Station remains the most appropriate service."

If you want to bring the bus back make a formal complaint to Stagecaoch to show you care! call them here - 01563 525192.