A DAD was left devastated after being told he had to budget and try and survive on just £26 over the Christmas period.

Neil Given, 34, found himself temporarily out of work and relying on the system from the end of October 2018 to December 2019.

He was left without enough money to get buy and couldn’t pay rent, food, or electric bills and was forced into debt to try and survive.

He had to rely heavily on family to help him through the rough period which he is still trying to pay back now.

Neil was due to have his son, who stays in England, come visit him over the festive season and his lack of income made things tough.

He said:“It was murder, I actually went to Citizens Advice to check it was right and was shocked when they said it was.

“They didn’t take into account I had to pay bills or anything because I had got a pay in October but it wasn’t enough to cover everything.

"I had worked as a grass cutter then did some farm work but when all that stopped over winter I was left stuck.

“I’ve got a job again but I’m still suffering because even though I got my first pay from the council, I had to pay back everyone I owed money to.

"It has really set me back and now it doesn’t look like I will be out of debt until the end of summer from just being out of work for a couple of months.

“But I’m lucky because I had friends and family that could help support me during that hard time, what about the people who don’t?

This is why folk can’t take on part time or temporary Jobs because it would actually kill them.”