DUMFRIES House has been caught up in a money laundering scandal after claims donations from an offshore company was used to refurbish the estate.

Prince Charles was also dragged into the accusations after an international investigation exposed his charity apparently receiving money from companies linked to major fraud , and was managed by the Russian bank Troika Dialog.

It was reported that Oligarch Ruben Vardanyan gave £153,000 towards the prince’s rescue mission for a Scottish stately home near Cumnock via a company in a Caribbean tax haven.

Leaks suggest some of the cash was used at Dumfries House after Prince Charles led efforts to save it in 2007.

It comes after a consortium of east European investigative journalists shared information and documents with the BBC and the Guardian.

But the charity insist that there was no implication of wrongdoing by HRH or his charities.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “The Prince of Wales’ charities operate independently of The Prince himself in relation to all decisions around fundraising.”

A spokesman for The Prince’s charities said: “The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation and The Dumfries House Trust are both independent organisations that have raised millions of pounds for good causes over a number of years.

Each organisation has its own separate board of trustees who are responsible for all operational and an investigation connected Prince Charles Charity to companies linked with major fraud governance duties.

“The charities apply robust due diligence processes in accordance with Charity Commission and Scottish Charity Regulator guidelines as well as legislation relating to money laundering, the Bribery Act, terrorism and political activity. In the case of the examples highlighted, no red flags arose during those processes.

“The allegations made against these individuals have only emerged well after their involvement with the charities ceased in 2014 and, as such, could not have been considered at the time.

“Whilst hindsight is a valuable commodity, it should not be used to misrepresent the circumstances surrounding these donations.”