A LOCAL athlete has kickstarted his professional boxing career and has high hopes of going all the way.

Neil McCubbin may be an apprentice spray painter by day, but at night is a fighting machine.

The 20-year-old Drongan lad celebrated his latest victory after winning a major fight in Glasgow on Burns night. He is now training for his next big fight in April and has high hope s to br ing home another win.

Although he only started his pro boxing career in 2018, Neil is already on his way to being a famous fighter.

During first fight in October, at the Lagoon Centre Paisley, he battled four 3 minute rounds and won every single spur. He has been training out of Doon Valley Boxing club in Dalmellington since he was eight years old and has loved it ever since.

The athlete had a taste for success even before his professional career as he scooped Scottish amateur titles before moving into British divisions. Now his Burns night victory under his belt the boxer feels his career is off to a great start do but after my dad started taking me when I was wee I just never looked back.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“Turning professional is keeping me motivated to work hard and now I’m just waiting to see what opportunities come my way. I like to go as far as possible but right now I would like to win at least a British title.

“Im boxing on April 12 and can’t wait to see what comes next.

He is managed by Sam Kynoch and the pair are excited for the next big fight in Glasgow. Neil has also praised the support of his local community as everyone has got behind ‘Team Cubby’.

He said:“I’ve been boxing since I was 12. It was never something I had planned to and although I don’t know who I am fighting yet I know my mindset won’t change. I am always determined to win. When you get that win it’s a great feeling, especially after training for so long, hopefully I will get that good feeling of victory again.”

Neil is also looking for sponsorship to equipment and help pay for travel.