PEOPLE on foot at The Square in Cumnock are risking life and limb.

Despite it becoming a pedestrian zone last year, selfish drivers are still taking vehicles into The Square and there have been several near misses.

Drew Tannock said: “I was nearly hit by a silver Mercedes as it came flying out onto Lugar Street.”

Meanwhile, Ann Nairn is reluctant to walk with her children when she sees cars parked in the area.

Putting party politics to one side, the town’s councillors have joined forces with Cumnock Police and Ayrshire Roads Alliance to target offenders.

Warnings as vehicles flout pedestrian zone Jim McMahon was joined in The Square by representatives of both organisations as well as fellow councillors Billy Crawford, Jacqui Todd and Walter Young, to highlight the issue.

Mr McMahon said: “The Square in Cumnock became a pedestrian and cyclist only zone last year after serious safety concerns were raised about vehicles driving in close proximity to pedestrians.

“This was an accident waiting to happen and the Alliance with support from Police Scotland ensured that a new traffic order was put in place to protect our communities.

“Unfortunately, vehicles are still accessing The Square and are putting lives at risk.

Even just driving into The Square is a traffic offence enforced by the police.

“Parking within T he Square is also restricted and our Parking Attendants will issue a Penalty Charge Notice to any vehicle breaking these rules.

“I would urge all motorists to abide by the rules and not drive through The Square.

This legislation is in place for a very good reason, together we can ensure that pedestrians are protected from serious injury.”

Vehicles that are part of any weddings or funerals taking place at Old Cumnock Old Church can access The Square with an appropriate permit.

Exemptions include vehicles engaged in building work, road repairs, utility repairs, postal delivery, cash collection, furniture removal and the emergency services.