CUMNOCK’S MP has been accused of abandoning his constituents after WASPI complaints were closed without resolution by the DWP.

Tory MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Bill Grant has yet to sign up to the WASPI pledge to support 1950s born women – some of whom have lost out on over £40,000 – following changes to their state pension.

Mr Grant is able to refer unsatisfied WASPI complainers to the parliamentary ombudsman to have the handling of their complaint reviewed but has so far refused to do so.

Margaret Meikle had her WASPI complaint closed suddenly following a successful legal challenge by the campaign group Back to 60.

She wants to take her complaint further but has ran into a brick wall.

Margaret told the Chronicle: “Bill Grant is not supporting us. I’ve written a letter to him, the South Ayrshire Conservative and Unionist Party and to Ruth Davidson because I’m not happy.

“Like many 1950s born women, I complained to the DWP about the changes to my pension and now they have closed all the complaints.

“The letter I received to tell me my complaint was closed told me to contact my MP if I was unhappy about the way my complaint was treated and they could take it to the parliamentary ombudsman.

“I can’t do that. I have written a letter to him about it and I have had no reply. I have no where to turn because I can’t contact another MP.

“I have told him I am not voting for him anymore. I voted for Bill Grant in 2017 but now I am changing my vote.

“My husband and I met him before the election and he came across as such a nice person so I decided to vote for him but he doesn’t care about the WASPI women.

Mr Grant has said he cannot comment on individual constituent’s circumstances.

He said: “For reasons of confidentiality and in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) it would be inappropriate to discuss the specifics of any constituents’ cases, unless the particular constituents provided me with their signed written authority to discuss their cases with the media.

“Looking at the generic issue, my understanding regarding complaints submitted to the ICE regarding communication of the change to State Pension age for women (commonly referred to as WASPI complaints) is that they are currently the subject matter of judicial review proceedings, that a hearing has been fixed and the court’s decision will follow in due course. ”