LOCAL MP Bill Grant is accused of being ‘hopelessly out of touch’ with Cumnock residents after backing Theresa May’s failed Brexit deal.

The Ayr, Carrick, and Cumnock politician is facing a backlash after voting for the Prime Minister’s deal, which led to the biggest defeat for a Government for over 100 years.

The vote failed after 432 MPs voted to reject the deal and 202 voting for it ­— including Bill Grant.

South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth said: “The vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit Deal was a humiliating defeat for her personally and the Tory Government. It was entirely predicted which is why it was so farcical to see local MP Bill Grant still pretend right up until the vote that it could have been agreed

By supporting this failed deal Bill Grant has shown that he is hopelessly out of touch with his constituents. ”

Grant responded by saying: “I note what Mr Smyth, MSP, has to say.

“ I cast my votes with consideration and conviction not with any premeditated calculation to be on a winning side.

My understanding is that the Prime Minister has held talks along her Brexit journey, indeed it is public knowledge that she has met with the First Minister of Scotland on more than one occasion.

“It is truly disappointing that the Labour Leader, The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP, has declined the recent invitation to meet with the PM unless his pre-conditions are met, that is his choice.

“Other party leaders have, despite their differences, had the good grace to meet with the PM.”

“I do not believe that calling for a General Election is in the public interest at this time”