MEMBERS of the local community paid tribute to Scots Bard by laying wreaths at Mauchline’s National Burns Memorial.

Local politicians and members of Masonic Lodges gathered round and listened to the fascinating history around how the monument was built.

Mauchline Burns Club then performed their annual wreath laying to honour the Scottish Poet on his birthday.

They smiled for pictures and decorated the memorial with the brightly coloured flowers before the celebrations got underway.

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a banquet as they celebrated in the community hall.

There was an entertainment programme including music monologues and verses from scripts.

The event was overall hailed a huge success.

Ian Lyell, a member of the Mauchline Burns Club, said: “On Sunday, a good attendance of members, local politicians and members of Masonic Lodges gathered at Mauchline’s National Burns Memorial.

“President Robert Somerville welcomed those present and explained the background to the building of the Monument .

“The entertainment programme which followed was in the capable music hands of Billy McEwan and Willie Stewart, while Jan walker , Elizabeth Sutherland, Andrew Cooper and Ian Lyell offered monologues and verse from Ian’s scripts.

“Treasurer Donald Howe handed over a generous cheque to Homes’ representative.”