AYR'S Carnegie Library hosted an exhibition all about Miners' MP Sanny Sloan last week.

Sanny's great granddaughter Esther Davies has been researching his life and work for the past few years before putting on the exhibition which ran from January 21 to 25.

Visitors came from far and wide to hear about Sanny who made over 600 speeches in the House of Commons during his six years as an MP.

Esther told the Chronicle: "As an amazing MP for the last 6 years of his life, which covered the years of the Second World War, Sanny Sloan started the campaign to make Prestwick Airport into the second international airport in UK after London when peace came.

"He was also influential in drawing attention to the bad practice in mining, where some coal owners were exploiting miners.

"Sanny made an important speech in Parliament about this, but also pointed out that the miners were wrongly being blamed for letting the soldiers down by not producing enough coal."