THE delighted owners of a Border Collie said it was ‘incredible’ to be reunited with her after she vanished from Kelloholm last week.

Stephen Comiskey and Campbell Seaton were left heartbroken when Peggy ran off during a walk on Sunday after they had rescued her five months ago.

But luckily after their local community pitched in to help bring the dog home the pooch was found very cold, wet, and relieved on Wednesday morning.

Her owners feared the worst after she was spotted near a firework factory in Sanquhar but kept searching for their beloved pet.

A social media campaign was launched to find the pup with everyone urged to keep an eye out for the nervous collie.

She had been seen crossing the A74 and walking along backgrounds and even some reports even spotted her trying to get to Stephen’s work in a nearby medical centre.

Most of the sightings were in places she had been walked before, as if the lost little dog was trying to find her way back home.

Finally a factory worker in bright orange overalls gave them the tip they needed to find her.

A young local lad and woman managed to corner the dog until Stephen and Campbell came to her rescue yet again.

Campbell said: “It was just incredible to get her back. We got so many calls of people thinking they had saw her and trying to help us bring her home.

“We had even been working with a special dog trapper to get hints on where the Peggy could have gone which really helped. I was on my way to a dental appointment when I got a call saying she had been spotted and cornered.

“We were terrified and really concerned she was going to cross a busy road and from the sightings it sounded like she had to try and get to Stephen’s work.

“When we finally got her back she was really wet and cold and since coming home she has just ate and slept. I think she is happy to be back but had such a shock.

“We are really grateful to everyone who helped us. It was wonderful to know people were really trying.”