COMPLAINTS about pensions from women in Cumnock and Doon Valley have been closed without resolution by the DWP.

The time consuming five-stage complaints process was brought to an abrupt halt after a successful legal action by the campaign group Back to 60.

A judicial review at the High Court in June will mean that thousands of women’s complaints won’t be investigated by the DWP.

WASPI co-ordinator Susan Bolland told the Chronicle: “Local women have been fighting the DWP for the past three years and were devastated that their complaints were suddenly and unilaterally closed.

“The DWP has already closed over 3,000 Women Against State Pensions Inequality Ltd complaints due to a successful legal action being taken by another campaigning group.

“We don’t know if what the DWP has done is legal. My complaint went through in July 2017 and – when the judicial review was announced – they said within days that they were closing the complaints.

“We were given largely no notice when the DWP changed the state pension age of 1950s born women.

“Some women have lost out on up to £45,000 as a result of the changes.

“All we want is a fair transition and compensation for women aged 62-63 who have lost out as a result of these changes.

“The judicial review will mean that thousands of women are left without their complaint being thoroughly investigated by the DWP`s own complaints process.

“I’m encouraging women who are only at stage three or four to continue with their complaint.”

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