A DEVASTATED dog owner is desperate to find his pooch after she vanished in Kelloholm.

Stephen Comiskey is searching for his black and white Border Collie, Peggy, after she ran off during a walk last week.

The 44-year-old is heartbroken after 'coming on leaps and bounds' with the dog who he rescued 5 months ago.

Peggy went missing when she got excited and bolted during a walk but couldn't find her way back.

She was spotted on Sunday at around 4pm going into a fireworks factory in Sanquhar.

But by the time her owners arrived, just ten minutes later, there was no sign of the dog.

Now they are more determined than ever to be reunited with Peggy and bring her home where she belongs.

They are printing posters, going walks, calling on her, and also leaving food and familiar clothes out for the missing pet.

The local community has also chipped in to find the loved pup with neighbours volunteering search parties without even being asked.

Stephen said: "She's a really great dog it's sad because she had come on leaps and bounds with us since we recused her.

"We had done loads of work with us and really looked after her she was doing so well.

"Peggy is a really nervous dog if she hears a loud noise or is frightened her instinct is to run.

"That's why it's important not to approach her as she might get scared and run away again.

"Best option is to call us immediately and we can collect her because she will come over to us.

"I'm hoping Peggy hasn't gone too far from the last place she was spotted and turns up soon.

"It is such a shame, I just I really want to get her back home."

Stephen's niece Eryn McKechnie also took to Facebook to help find her uncle's dog.

The post said: " Peggy is still missing. she’s a nervous little Colly who won’t approach anyone or come.

"However she may 'wait' if told. She was last seen going under the gate at the fireworks factory on the A76, near Sanquhar "May have headed towards the New Cumnock area.

"There was a large search for her last night and we left her cage, some food and clothes around 1am but no sign of her this morning.

sighting of Peggy until around 4pm on Sunday very near to where she was last seen.

"Fireworks factory A76, Sanquhar Scotland. However, no 10 mins later when we got there no sign."

If you see Peggy don't go up to her as it may startle her, instead call her owners on 07818 363 367 or 07717 583741.