An artist from Auchinleck has used discarded rubbish to highlight the environmental impact of litter in Cumnock and Doon Valley.

Brian Carey collected litter for around the Woodroad Park area in Cumnock before displaying it in the open for everyone to see.

He hopes the piece will help to raise awareness of global pollution and climate change and how everyone has an impact on it.

Brian told the Chronicle: "I did this over Christmas period using litter I gathered from the surrounding area at Woodroad Park, Cumnock.

"From the pictures you can see the work included mostly cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and various bags of discarded rubbish including babies' disposable nappies, female sanitary pads and plastic vertical blinds.

"I did this piece to bring attention to global pollution, climate change and how we contribute to these issues.

"The broken glass that seems to increase year after year concerns me greatly as my late dog Kobi suffered greatly from a smashed bottle which slashed deeply through his back foot resulting in him being unable to walk properly for seven weeks.

"I lost count of the minor cuts over the span of his life from broken glass not only on the streets but parks where people in general like to walk their dogs.

"A child or a dog doesn’t know the dangers of broken glass when they are running about and out enjoying themselves, I even managed to cut my own thumb open while collecting some of the broken glass lying about.

"We like to blame our council for the mess but really it’s our own doing. If we are all content to live like this and not respecting our surroundings think what it will be like in the not so distant future."