CHANGES to a roundabout in Cumnock have been causing all sorts of problems for road users.

The mini roundabout on Auchinleck Road at Holmhead Road and Terringzean View has been poorly removed and drivers are being caught out by the new road layout.

Peter Black contacted us on Facebook to alert us to the issue. He said: "Have you saw the junction changes at Holmhead to accommodate the school?

"I nearly crashed there, two other friends have done the same and I think at at least one accident has happened.

"Changing the priorities of the junction, mid winter while most traffic will be going through in the dark is an obviously ridiculous move."

The roundabout – which is still visible on the road – will eventually be replaced by a brand new traffic management system by the time the Barony Campus is completed.

Another concerned road user told the Chronicle: "People don't realise it's changed despite all the signs. They still think it's a roundabout so they give way when they don't need to.

"It only takes one lapse in concentration and you run into the back of a car you're not expecting to stop or you drive out in front of one you are."