SAYING a final farewell to someone close who has sadly passed away can be a difficult time.

With just one call the trained staff at Fosters Funeral Directors in Cumnock will take care of everything for those who want the best for their loved ones.

The local team provide a professional and caring service at a low cost without compromising on quality.

Choosing the right funeral provider can be a daunting prospect especially with all the options available.

That’s why the Cumnock team always give the lowest price, so people that are most distressed never need to shop around, whilst having complete peace of mind that their loved ones will get the perfect send-off they always wanted.

Fosters can typically save a family thousands of pounds compared to other funeral directors but with an added level of professionalism that money can’t buy.

Funeral Director Julie Steel was born and bred in Mauchline, where she lives with her husband, Mark, and two children, Brooke and Brody.

Prior to joining the team at Fosters, Julie worked with East Ayrshire Council’s Bereavement Service for 16 years.

Julie explains: “My role with Fosters is to ensure that loved ones’ wishes are carried out at a time when they need help, support and guidance.

“I carry out their wishes with a caring, professional manner and treat families as I would want my own to be treated at a difficult time.


“I help people that I have known for many years, such as neighbours and friends, and they feel more comfortable when they see a face they know.

“It also means that my dealings with them can be informal and friendly — we might chat about what’s happening in our villages and towns.

“We talk about mutual friends that we may not have seen for a while and things like that — our team get heart-felt thank you messages and flowers all the time, it is rewarding.”

Fosters currently work in partnership with the council as part of the Respectful Funeral Service scheme which Julie says is dignified, affordable and local.

Arranging a funeral can be daunting but Fosters, one of Scotland’s largest independent funeral directors, are there to guide and support people every step of the way.

Service Centre Manager at Cumnock, Graeme Bassy, came into the profession after an unacceptable standard of service at the funeral of a family member.

He said: “I have worked within the funeral industry for nearly 14 years. I wanted to become a funeral director after personally being involved in a family bereavement that was unfortunately not arranged or conducted in a manner that I would wish on anyone.

“This made me determined that any family that entrusted their loved one in my care would not live to regret their decision as I did.

“I am currently working in the Ayrshire area helping out families the best I can and enjoying being part of a team that shares my passion.

“I am currently a student on the British Institute of Embalmers’ course to be a fully qualified embalmer.

“When not at work my time is spread spending time with my 14-year-old twins, Nathan and Holly, watching football, fishing and listening to music.”


Fosters also offer a comprehensive range of pre-paid funeral plans, with various payment options, which take the burden away from grieving family members.

As well as their unbeatable prices, Fosters also support the community via several sponsorship deals with football teams, bowling clubs and more.

Every team member is there because they have a passion for the industry and pride in the personal and professional service they provide.

Fosters’ premises at 107 Glaisnock Street in Cumnock have been designed to perfection with surroundings that are appropriate for what they do.

Services conducted in the building can be as simple or elaborate as is required — the end result is the same, a highly trained team see to that.

Call 01290 424455 to speak to them or, for immediate support and guidance, the 24-hour careline on 0800 121 8090

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