A MEMBER of staff at an award-winning butchers in Muirkirk has picked up an accolade of her own.

Marion Ward, of Dawsons, won the Extra Mile category at the Scottish Craft Butcher Awards for her outstanding customer service.

She was presented with a distinctive glass trophy, inscribed with her name and honour, at a ceremony held in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow.

Lynsey O’Donnell, who nominated her, said: "Marion is always so welcoming and always asks after my family and caters to my needs. I like beef olives made with pork sausages and Marion is always obliging to make these for me.

"I’m usually getting three separate orders – my mum, gran and myself – and putting through three transactions and packing individually is never a problem.

"I feel that Marion goes the extra mile to ensure that customer service is top priority. Marion never hesitates to make sure I get what I need. It’s such a lovely shop, a real pleasure to frequent."

Earlier this year, Dawsons won an award for the best slice sausage in Scotland and Marion has made it a double success for the business.

Owner Diane Dawson said: "We were thrilled to hear Marion won. She has done so much for the shop and Muirkirk.

"Marion makes tablet, sells it in the shop and donates all the money to various charities. Her grandson has just had his head shaved for charity.

"Marion donated £200 of her tablet money to that and has already given £100 towards our defibrillator fund raising.

"She knows all our customers so well and the way they like their meat, diced or sliced? thick or thin? Lean or not? even down to whether it is plain or smoked ham in their breakfast packs!

"She truly is our star, is celebrating her 21st Christmas with us and is an invaluable member of Team Dawson ­— but it took me three days to convince her to attend the awards."