BOOK Week Scotland rolled into Mauchline last week as author Daniel Gray was in conversation with Cathy Jamieson on Wednesday, November 21.

Daniel was promoting his latest book at Mauchline and District Kilmarnock Supporter's Club with everyone in the audience treated to a free Kilmarnock Pie.

"My newest book came out a few weeks ago, it's called Black Boots and Football Pinks: 50 Lost Wonders of the Beautiful Game," said Daniel.

"It is a very nostalgic look back at what's disappeared from football over the last 30 years or so that I've been going to matches. It's 50 short chapters, hopefully well written and very evocative for people to think back and feel that warm glow of nostalgia."

This was just one of hundreds of events around the country and both Cathy and Daniel were quick to highlight the importance of bringing events like this to the area.

"I think it's great that we've got the opportunity to have somebody like Dan – who is becoming pretty well known in his field of writing – coming here to talk about his work and to do the readings," added Cathy.

"We don't always get the chance to do that out in places like this. It's often more associated with the big cities so well done to everybody for organising it."

The discussion ranged from Daniel's books to his beloved Middlesbrough FC and Cathy's position as supporter director at Kilmarnock FC.

Both are avid readers and spoke of their love for reading.

Daniel said: "I read an awful lot. I think I escape into football, music and books. Ever since the mobile library rolled into my village, I've been obsessed with books and I read everyday. I can't drive so I read on buses and trains a lot as well. I panic when I don't have a book on me."

Cathy added: "I read lots and I read very quickly so I can devour books. I can take loads of stuff on my Kindle or on my iPad and read it on the go. For me it's a way of partly, escapism away from the biz of everyday life but it's just a great way of keeping informed about things or making you laugh. It's great and that's why I think Book Week is such a good thing."