A good night’s sleep can do us the world of good.

While having a consistent bedtime routine, avoiding screens in the run up to settling down for the night and creating a clam and relaxing atmosphere are all important to getting quality shut eye, mattresses* are the unsung heroes of restful slumber. 

Did you know that if you have had your mattress for 10 years or longer it is likely to have lost 75% of its benefits? Not to mention the amount of stains and spills it will have accumulated in that time.

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your old mattress, Black Friday is the ideal time to get a cracking deal on one that won’t have you tossing and turning to get a good night’s kip.

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When do Black Friday sales begin?

Black Friday always falls on the fourth Friday of November making this year’s official date Friday, November 23rd.  

Traditionally sales were confined to this day alone but in recent years retailers have started merging Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the weekend that separates them to create an extra-long weekend of excellent savings.

Some stores has also started kicking things off early with deals available from mid-week, if you have an eye on a specific store you think you be slashing the price of their mattresses, be sure to find out when they will start releasing their deals.  

Cumnock Chronicle: What are you going to buy this Black Friday?

What is the History behind Black Friday?

Black Friday started life in the USA, coming straight after the national holiday of Thanksgiving. Black Friday heralds in the start of the festive shopping season. The name derives from the theory that retailers should start seeing profits and find themselves in the ‘black’ on their accounts. 

Big ticket items like mattresses have been a regular feature of Black Friday deals along with electronics* such as TV’s and games consoles. Navigating all the discounts on offer can become overwhelming, so let us help you with top tips and advice for finding the right deal online.   

What should I look for in a mattress this Black Friday?

Mattresses are not one size fits all. Think of them as an investment that requires research to find the perfect fit; after all, it’s going to be with you for a long time. Before you buy consider these two important factors:

Size: It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people order a double when what they really need is a king, or who don’t realise they have a European sized bed rather than a UK one. If in doubt, measure it out!

Standard UK mattress measurements are:

Small single – 2’6” X 6’3”

Single – 3’ X 6’3”

Small double – 4’ X 6’3”

Double – 4’6” X 6’3”

King - 5’ X 6’6”

Super King – 6’ X 6’6”

European mattress sizes are:

Euro Single – 3’ X 6’6”

Euro Double – 4’9” X 6’6”

Euro King - 5’3” X 6’6”

Firmness: Side sleepers need a different type of mattress from those of us who sleep flat on our backs. Side sleepers tend to enjoy a soft to medium mattress while back or front sleepers enjoy a firmer mattress that supports their whole body.

Cumnock Chronicle: What mattress deals will you find this Black Friday?

What stores will have deals on mattresses this Black Friday?

  • Dreams*: In 2017 Dreams sold a whopping 1,723 mattresses and enough air beds to fill 2,500 balloons! Dreams’ deals last till November 27th this year with Tempur, Hypnos and Sleepeezee all slated to see steep discounts. Free delivery on orders over £100 doesn’t hurt either!
  • Furniture Village*: Get your hands on top name mattresses for less this Black Friday with savings of £690 on Tempur Cloud Elite options, or keep cool with £660 off a Serenity Cool Lux Gel 3000 Ultra Half Ottoman Divan Set.
  • Bensons for Beds*: Kicking things off early on Wednesday 21st, Bensons is set to reduce prices on furniture as well as mattresses. Last year shoppers got their hands on a Amalfi Backcare bed along with the matching mattress for only £399.
  • Mamas & Papas*: Black FriYAY (as they’re calling it) has already started at Mamas & Papas but keep an eye out for daily deals too. Offers on crib foam mattresses and Silentnight luxury wool mattresses can make them your go to spot for the little ones in your life.

Can I return mattresses that I purchase during Black Friday?

If you are springing for a new mattress this Black Friday, you should know whether you can return it if it’s not giving you the good night’s sleep it promised.