CUMNOCK History Group hosted another series of events in the lead up to the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

They turned the heat up, and the clocks back, with World War I Cooking at the Riverside Centre, Ayr Road.

History Group members Morag and Mary made pots of home-made soup in a variety of recipes including lentil, potato, chicken and rice along with the old favourite, Scotch Broth.

Bread and cakes were also on the menu as around 25 guests were served a feast made with the best ingredients and prepared with sign of any microwaves or burgers here.

Among the organisations taking part with the history group and Riverside Centre were Hillside School, Cumnock Elderly Group, Heart and Soul while a group of pensioners visited from Auchinleck Resource Centre.

Feedback on the meal was positive with Anne Griffiths’ comments typical of those posted online.

She said: “Never mind the soup which I’m sure was delicious but I was drooling over the shortbread, millionaire shortcake and Empire biscuits.”

On a more sombre note, The Baird Institute hosted three events in as many days last weekend. These got underway on Thursday evening, when a representative of East Ayrshire Leisure spoke on their World War I Collections.

Bruce Morgan, museums and heritage coordinator, gave a fascinating slide show and talk on the items which are on display throughout East Ayrshire.

Then, over Friday and Saturday, the community were invited to drop-in reminiscence sessions which focussed on memorabilia and artefacts from the conflict.

Kay McMeekin and Bobby Grierson of Cumnock History Group will identify, record and research Cumnock Parish Medals, war medals and stories.

Meanwhile, the appeal for community groups and individuals to make poppies for the Welcome Home tea dance has attracted a great response. A curtain of poppies is coming together which will provide a colourful and poignant addition.