A group of charities have launched a bid to change the law and prevent millions of people and animals suffering during fireworks season.

Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock MP Bill Grant sponsored an event in the House of Commons on Tuesday, October 30 to raise the issue of the devastating impact fireworks can have on vulnerable people and animals.

The charities – including the Dogs Trust, British Veterinary Association, Cats Protection, The Kennel Club, PTSD UK and Children’s Burns Trust – hope to limit the unnecessary distress caused to so many people and animals during fireworks celebrations.

Dr Rachel Casey, Director of Canine Behaviour and Research at Dogs Trust said: “The loud unexpected bangs, flashing lights and general unpredictability of fireworks can be distressing for so many animals and people – from dogs, cats and horses to people suffering with PTSD, as well as many other vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children.

“We have joined together to raise awareness of this important issue and urge the Government to better regulate the use of fireworks to ensure less suffering as a result of fireworks in years to come.”

Bill Grant MP added: “I was delighted to sponsor the event on this important cause and hope we can bring about a change in legislation to help limit the distress to vulnerable people and animals caused by fireworks.”