A new panoramic photograph adorns the walls of Glasgow Science Centre board room thanks to an amateur photographer from Cumnock.

William Lee has a keen interest in panoramic photography and decided to capture the view from the top of the science centre’s tower.

The stunning black and white photo features 10 images placed side-by-side covering 220 degrees of the city’s skyline.

He sent the image to the science centre expecting little more than an e-mail reply.

However, the team at the Glasgow venue were so impressed when they saw it, they decided to blow it up and display it on the board room wall.

William was stunned when he was invited to the science centre, not knowing what awaited him.

He told the Chronicle: “As a panoramic photographer, I like to print my pictures big.

But this is the first time I have seen one of my images blown up to the gigantic proportions of this mural-sized enlargement that now takes pride of place in the boardroom at Glasgow Science Centre.

“I took 10 overlapping photographs through the windows of the viewing cabin at the top of the Glasgow Tower and then stitched them digitally to form this final image covering an angle of approximately 220 degrees.

“My aim was to create a spectacular picture that would include as many notable landmarks as possible, and most of the city’s iconic buildings can be clearly seen from this elevated viewpoint.

“The geometry of cylindrical panoramic stitching is such that straight off-centre horizontal lines are represented by curves, and this is most noticeable here in the direction of the north bank of the River Clyde, which is almost straight in reality but appears to be curved in the photograph.”