CUMNOCK and Doon Valley residents have lambasted the decision to incorporate Gaelic onto local road signage.

East Ayrshire Council (EAC) replaced signs in Auchinleck, Catrine and Cumnock after they had reached the end of their operational life or became damaged.

Travellers are now welcomed to Achadh-nan-Leac, Cietierien and Cumnag and Chronicle readers have complained on social media.

Scott McLean posted on Twitter that the council's Draft Gaelic Language Plan "should be binned and the money used elsewhere in the education system" while Tommy Samson asked: "I'd like to know if anyone in East Ayrshire actually speaks Gaelic?"

On Facebook, Janette McCreath commented: "Surely there are much greater priorities for our council than more signs?"

Kathy McGee added: "When there is so much needed in communities - the blooming SNP puts up signs no-one can read including local councillors. If councils are short of ideas, I suggest they listen to the people they are supposed to represent. Total waste of public money."

Jimmy McMillan posted "Drugi język w szkocji jest polakiem" which roughly translates from Polish as: "The second language in Scotland is Polish."

Loraine Niven joked: "Would much rather have Gaelic than signs telling us how EAC are allegedly the best council, because quite frankly that is just a blatant lie!"

Donald Hillhouse asked: "East Ayrshire Clowncil, whits that in Gaelic?"

Tom Belshaw commented: "What loonies think up these hair brained ideas? Resources stretched to the limit and they waste money on this crazy idea."

Some readers made reference to Gaelic having never been spoken in Cumnock and Doon Valley however, it was the main language spoken in the region until the 15th century when Scots took over.

Robert Guthrie made the point: "Many of the place names in Ayrshire are of Gaelic origin – towns, villages, farms, hills and rivers – and from a heritage point, offer learning opportunities. As for road signs why not if the origin is Gaelic, display it?

"What I’m not so keen on is if the name is not Gaelic in origin then don’t attempt a meaningless Gaelic translation."