VANDALS have wrecked a pensioner's greenhouse in Drongan.

The householder, in her late 70s, discovered several panes of glass had been smashed when she went into her garden on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 23.

It had happened between 8pm on the Monday and noon next day and police are hoping that someone will have heard the distinctive sound of breaking glass.

In addition, the noise they had made may have caused the vandals to leave the scene, at Hannahston Avenue, in a hurry and arouse suspicions as a result.

PC Keenan of the Locality Policing Team at Dalmellington is appealing for potential witnesses to get in touch.

Call him on 101, quoting U200 and incident 2393/2310 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously online or by calling 0800 555111.

Safer Communities Officer, PC Craig Marshall, said: "This was a despicable attack on the property of a 79-year-old woman.

"My plea to the public is therefore to let us know about any anti-social behaviour which they come across in their area.

"It is not acceptable that this type of behaviour is allowed to affect the quality of life of those in our communities across East Ayrshire.

"Call us on the 101 number to report any form of anti-social behaviour, and through the 999 system if it deemed to be an emergency situation.

"Working together we can tackle the scourge of anti-social behaviour in East Ayrshire.”