AN AUCHINLECK man attacked a random stranger and threatened to kill him.

Johnathan Brown, of Cameron Drive, threatened to kill a stranger before launching an attack on the man.

The 25-year-old began to shout and swear at the passers-by for no apparent reason on September 28 this year, Ayr Sheriff Court heard.

Depute Fiscal Ed Sheeran told the court Brown began to refer to the witness as a ‘paedo’ before shouting ‘I’m going to f*****g kill you.’

The court heard Brown was found to approach the man and began to repeatedly punch him and then proceed to headbutt his victim while he was on the ground. Police were then called to the scene and relevant statements were given.

Mr Sheeran added that in questioning, Brown admitted his actions and stated: “Aye, I nutted the guy,” the court heard.

Browns solicitor Mr Tony Currie explained that: “‘Mr Brown has very little recollection of the incident and has no explanation to why he done it. He has no prior involvement with these people and alcohol has played a part in this attack.”

Sheriff Scott Pattison stated that this attack was unacceptable and completely unprovoked.

He said: “This was an attack on a stranger for no good reason.

“I first wanted to send you to jail but I have taken a step back from that if you comply”.

Brown was ordered to pay £1,000 in compensation along with completing 240 hours of unpaid work within a 12-month period, which was a direct alternative to custody.

He was also given a Restriction of Liberty order for six months where he must remain in his home between the hours of 7.30pm and 8.30am.