A MASKED woman who burst into a couple's home armed with a knife and attacked them has been jailed for three years and seven months.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that 35-year-old Louise McGhee from Cumnock was caught because her victims Steven and Sheila Donaldson recognised her voice.

McGhee, who was with an unknown accomplice, was out in licence at the time and judge Lord Burns ordered her to serve the unexpired five months of that sentence before she begins her new sentence.

Lord Burns told McGhee: “You must have pre-planned this. You had an accomplice, you masked your face, got weapons and targeted their house. You committed this offence while on licence.”

Prosecutor Greg Farrell said: “When the couple unlocked their door at 11pm the accused was there with an unknown male, both armed with knives.

“The accused had a black beanie hat over her eyes and a black jacket with the hood pulled tight over her face.

“She told the couple: “You ken what this is for, don't you,' and started making stabbing motions towards Mr Donaldson and shouted: 'Willie, stab him.”

“The Donaldsons have known the accused for a number of years and recognised her voice straight away.”

The court heard that the accused swung her knife towards Mr Donaldson and said : “This is for what your man done to my husband.” This was a reference to her partner James Wallace, who had died of a drugs overdose six months earlier.

Mr Donaldson grabbed the blade of the knife held by McGhee and suffered cuts to his hand, which was bleeding profusely.

His wife grabbed the unknown man's wrist to stop him striking her husband and was pushed into the kitchen doorframe.

McGhee, who has 74 previous convictions mostly for dishonesty, admitted assaulting Mr Donaldson to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement and forcing entry to his home in Barshare Road, Cumnock, Ayrshire,on June 3 and assaulting him and his wife.

Defence counsel Victoria Young said: “Miss McGhee has no memory of this incident whatsoever. She has been a drug user since she was 14.

“She says she does not hold the Donaldsons in any way responsible for her partner's death.”

McGhee showed no emotion as she was led away.