IT was not only football in which Glenbuck residents excelled.

Tom Bone also became the UK quoits champion having played his first match in Cumnock at the age of 20.

The year was 1888 and his opponent, James McMurdo, was quite a player himself but Tom won 61-42.

This kick-started his career in quoits which was played out at the highest level until he died in November 1916, just 48-years-old.

Unfortunately he lost the sight of an eye in a mining accident which affected him in his later years.

Following that crucial first victory he became prominent in the sport and won the first of several Scottish Championships at Glasgow in 1889.

Another quirk of fate, bearing in mind the connections that Glenbuck were to have with Liverpool, came in 1908.

At stake in Motherwell was the UK Championship when Tom took on English champion, James Hood, who came from Liverpool.

Hood was sent packing as the Glenbuck great beat him 61-27.

Numerous trophy wins were racked up, such as the Ballochmyle Silver Quoit, which Tom won 14 times.

Sadly, the mining accident took its toll and his last appearance was in an exhibition match in Ayrshire a year before he died.

By that stage he was toiling and unable to recreate former glory and he never played again.

Quoits involves the throwing of metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance, usually to land over or near a spike.