A TEENAGE boy has been caught after increased patrols in the Bellsbank area after a spate of wheelie-bin fires.

The 15-year-old faces possible charges in connection with the alleged theft of three wheelie-bins which were then set alight.

Community police officer Craig Marshall said: "We were concerned with safety issues after a number of the bins were stolen.

"Setting them alight is not only anti-social it is very dangerous ­— not only to local residents, but the person starting the fire.

"The deliberate ignition of wheelie bins threatens life and property but, by following some basic safety advice, people can help minimise that risk.

"A series of relatively simple steps can help safeguard properties from the potential ravages of a wheelie bin fire.

"Residents are advised to only put their bins out when they’re due for collection, and to remove them from the streets as quickly as possible once they’ve been emptied.

"Rubbish can be a magnet for vandals and those intent in starting a fire."