CATRINE Primary School and Early Childhood Centre has received a positive report from Education Scotland after a follow-up inspection.

In June 2016, HMI Education agreed on areas of improvement that the school – supported by East Ayrshire Council – should work on.

Two years down the line, and the primary school is proud of all it has achieved.

Areas of improvement included the leadership for learning of the headteacher – which was "successfully overtaken" following the appointment of a new headteacher – and the approach to meeting the learning needs of all children, in particular

those with social, emotional and behavioural needs.

In a letter to parents, Education Scotland said: "The ECC has made good progress and the school has made satisfactory progress since the original inspection. Many areas for improvement now need time to impact on children’s attainment. We will ask the local authority for an update on the attainment of children in the primary stages within 18 months of the inspection.

"This report will inform any decision made by Education Scotland regarding further engagement. This may include another inspection visit.

"When such a decision is made, we will write to you again detailing the improvements the school has made and outlining any further action, agreed with East Ayrshire Council, that we intend to take."

Head teacher Mrs Govans was proud of all the school had achieved. She said: “I am very pleased to share with you the Education Scotland report from their visit to Catrine Primary School and ECC in June 2018.

“The letter highlights the many ways in which all members of staff are working hard to provide quality learning and teaching opportunities for Catrine's children.

“The report also provides us with clear direction for our future priorities.

“Thank you to all parents/carers and the local community for their continued support.”