PUPILS from Cumnock Academy will re-enact archive stories from the Chronicle for a Tryst event.

Chronicles of Cumnock uses news items that appeared in the paper, during World War I, for the project which involves the Edinburgh Quartet with composers Jennifer Martin and Sir James MacMillan.

Some of the events they will look back at the first visit home of a serviceman and the phone call to the Chronicle which signalled the end of war and led to a public announcement by Provost David Smith.

Campbell Lawrie and Martin Travers of the Citizen Theatre in Glasgow have helped put it all together with the help of Cumnock History Group.

Taking part in rehearsals at Cumnock Academy were S3 pupils Jack Brown and Kyle Christenson; Jordan Smith and Christie Miller of S5 and Lyndsay Wilson, Morgan Heron and Megan Nisbet who are all in S6.

Lyndsay said: “I play a soldier and I am looking forward to performing on stage. This will be my second time as I was in a previous school theatre production.”

Jack added: “I have various roles in The Chronicles of Cumnock. I sing two songs ­— For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow and Summer Suns Are Glowing.”

Students from Doon Academy are also involved, having written new compositions for the creative project.

Director Campbell Lawrie, pictured below, said: “James MacMillan contacted the Citizens Theatre with the idea. This is our first collaboration with him and we are quite excited.

“It will be tricky, but a challenge, putting the different pieces of the jigsaw together.

“We have the dancers from the Dumfries House hub as well as the other groups taking part.

“The producers wanted the script to centre around Cumnock’s efforts during the war and how it didn’t just affect soldiers but also their families.

“We have used the Chronicle to find out how the lead up to the war was reported right through to the Armistice and what happened then.”

The Chronicles of Cumnock is at Cumnock Academy on Friday, October 5, at 2pm ­— entry is free.

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