THIS week’s look back at our photo archive focuses on Mauchline Scouts being visited by Bobby Williamson, Kilmarnock manager between 1996 and 2002.

The 34th Ayrshire Group and their leaders are pictured, looking very spick and span, in a football team-type line up.

Also welcoming some guests were the dancers, below, who appear to have been joined by the Men in Black — a musical production, maybe? But who, where and when did it all happen?

Cumnock Chronicle:

Adding a blast of colour to Snapshots are the two gentlemen below who look to have carefully arranged model soldiers in battle mode.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Was it a demonstration or just a regular meeting of a model club?

There was real action in our final look back in time with a group of youngsters visiting a fire station...are you in this, or any other picture? Get in touch, details below.

Cumnock Chronicle:

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