Continuing our look at the history of Glenbuck village, we were delighted this week to speak to the granddaughter of John Weir.

Christine Marshall, who is in possession of John's death certificate, is aware of relatives in Mauchline who share his surname.

He died in 1927, when Christine's mum was just 10-years-old, having worked in Kent as a forester on the Duke of Hamilton's Estate.

Family members stayed just over the East Ayrshire/South Lanarkshire border and John is known to have visited a relative in Coalburn.

There is also a possibility that James Weir, who appears on the list of players having played for Cowdenbeath and Southend United, were brothers.

Now living in Cumnock, Christine is hopeful that Chronicle readers may have more information about her grandfather.

She said: "I am sure there is a Danny Weir living in Mauchline while there are also relatives in Lesmahagow and Glespin."

Get in touch with us at if you have any information on John or any other players on our list.

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