THE hierarchy, or whoever, in the ivory towers of Hampden Park have decided that Glenbuck will not be entering the Scottish Football Hall of Fame.

However, the Chronicle will continue to pay homage to the footballers as well as former residents of the small mining community.

We start with a straightforward list of the 54 players who played professional football throughout the UK.

Among them is a Liverpool FC legend, five brothers who played in the same team and one of the first Scots to win an FA cup medal in England.

Glenbuck deserves a place in Scottish football history and hopefully the Pilgrims will rally and try again next year.



John Anderson; William Bain;William Banks; John Barr;William Barr; John Bishop; Robert Blyth; William Blyth;Jock Bone; Johnnie Bone; Alec Brown; Tommy Brown (Bogey); Tommy Brown; Robert Crawford; John Davidson;John Crosbie; John Ferguson; Walter Ferguson; George Halley; John Hastie; Archie Garrett; David Henderson;Hugh Knox; Thomas Knox; William Knox; Alex McConnell; John Mc Connell; Peter McIntyre; Jock McKenzie;John Menzies;William Muir; James Muncie;John Murdoch; James Nisbet; Alec Park; Alec Shankly; James Shankly; John Shankly; Robert Shankly;William Shankly; Hugh Smith; Alec Tait; Robert Tait; Alec Wallace; Bert Wallace; Joe Wallace; John Wallace; James Weir; John Weir.


In the first of our look at individual players, we look at the career and life of Sandy ‘Towey’ Brown who played for Spurs, winning the FA Cup with them in 1901, the first time the London club had lifted the famous trophy.

He emigrated to New Zealand when his career ended to join his siblings who were already there.

He had no family of his own but has a niece, still living in New Zealand, who is in her 90s.

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