THE review into the Miners’ Strike is looking to hear the views of those involved in the protests.

John Scott QC is leading the review into the strikes of March 1984 to March 1985 which saw miners attempt to stop the closure of the pits by the Thatcher government.

Violent clashes with police led to around 500 arrests across Scotland.

The Scottish Government set up the independent review earlier this year and it is expected to report back in 2019.

Speaking to the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Mr Scott said: “It’s to try to understand the impact on communities, to recognise the impact on communities and then hopefully to assist with recommendations as to how such a situation may be avoided in the future.

“There are people who are still affected by it. There were men who were arrested, men who were convicted - who were then sacked and who didn’t ever manage to get another job.

“In some of the smaller communities in particular, the knock on effect with their families, and then on the town or village itself - many, many people were affected and suffered as a result.”

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