A Catrine man is set to travel almost 5,000 miles to learn and promote sustainable business ideas.

Gregory Scott is now fundraising to find the £800 that he needs to reach Tanzania and take part in the International Citizen Service with charity Raleigh International.

The 22-year-old film graduate wants to do something that can benefit more than just himself.

He said: “I’m leaving for Tanzania in late September and coming back early December. On the Livelihoods programme, which I will be a part of, I will be learning about sustainable business ideas, and promoting them in a rural Tanzanian community.

“Tanzania has a large, young workforce, without the jobs to sustain them. Young people then go abroad and to urban areas to find work. This only continues the poverty cycle in rural areas. It may be in distant Africa, but it is a very similar situation to Ayrshire.

“Raleigh wants to promote business as an alternative for young people, to strengthen and sustain communities. The idea being that volunteers who have learned these business skills abroad then come home and implement them locally.

“That is what I want to do. To make a positive impact in one of the poorest countries in the world, and at home.”

Raleigh International work in partnership with a government scheme called the International Citizen Service, which was founded in 2011. Any young person from 18 to 25 in the UK can apply for it.

Gregory told the Chronicle: “This may all sound a bit far-fetched – it would have to me months ago – but I want other people in the area to know it’s possible for them.

“Things like travel vaccinations, and train tickets for interviews in London - neither of which I could have afforded - have been covered by the charity. ICS doesn’t discriminate, it’s about how much you desire to make a difference.

“I am nearly half-way to my target of £800. Since the government covers the expenditure for the trip, the money raised will go to back into supporting the ICS scheme, ensuring that other young people have the same opportunity.”

For more info and to donate, visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gregory-scott1