NURSES from the Marchburn Ward at East Ayrshire Community Hospital in Cumnock attended the recent Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace.

They were thrilled to be nominated to attend the event in Edinburgh by Pattie Kewney, the wife of a former patient of the ward.

The purpose of the garden party is to give national recognition to people who have given exceptional service to their community.

Pattie said: “Charge nurse Lainy McLeod and nursing assistants, Helen Kenny and Betty Lees have devoted their careers to caring for people whose lives have been broken by Alzheimer’s disease.

“Years of dedicated professionalism, skill and experience have enabled them to adapt their approaches and nursing methods to the ever changing mental, emotional and physical needs of their patients with no thought of the huge physical and emotional demands this makes on them.

“Together with their nursing colleagues, they deliver the Gold Standard of nursing care and are justifiably leading others in the profession by their example.

“They do not restrict their dedication to the patients along but bring their understanding and compassion to supporting grieving relatives to cope with the often bizarre behaviour and tragic loss of their loved one.

“For five years my husband received their wonderful care until his peaceful end and I can say from personal experience that Lainy and her team guided and supported us every step along the way and turned our grief and despair into peaceful acceptance. For this I will be eternally grateful.”

Lainy added: “We had a wonderful time at the Garden Party. We are really over the moon to have been nominated by Mrs Kewney and the words used in her nomination are truly touching.”