A DALMELLINGTON woman has been made temporarily homeless after a fire at their neighbour’s house.

Marie Auld had to leave her home on Newbiggin Terrace after an explosion in the adjoining house on June 11.

Kelly Brown – Marie’s daughter – got in touch with the Chronicle as she was concerned at the lack of progress since the fire.

She said: “My mum is in bits. She has been in that house for 48 years and my gran was in it before her.

“They have all been vacated from the property, my mum stays in the adjoining house. It’s unsafe, there were men round the other day to board it up and they said that it could fall down at any minute.”

Shire Housing Association own the adjoining property but are unable to move forward until the building has been surveyed.

Kelly and her mum have been left frustrated as a result. She added: “Anytime we ask them for information or what will happen, they say ‘I don’t know’.”

In a statement, Shire Housing director Jim Munro said: “Since June 11, the association has been dealing with a serious incident following an explosion at one of our properties in Newbiggin Terrace, Dalmellington.

"Thankfully no one was seriously injured by this dreadful accident. We initially worked closely with Police Scotland, and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to ensure the welfare of those affected and safety of the damaged properties and to also establish that the cause of the incident was not a result of negligence by the association.

"This unfortunate accident caused serious damage to our property and to the adjoining owner’s property.

“Since the accident, we have been in regular contact with the affected tenants and owners providing advice and assistance including offering temporary accommodation.

"The association continues to provide regular updates to those affected on the action we are taking to deal with this incident. We are now working with our structural engineers and insurers to deal with the serious damage caused by this unfortunate accident.”