A RESEARCHER who has been working in the Doon Valley thinks a mysterious creature could have been in Muirkirk and Sanquhar.

Robert Shankland is on the look out for something much bigger than a cat in the Doon Valley and New Galloway forest areas which could be on its way to the Highlands.

Mr Shankland has taken pictures of large footprints near the Corsen Cone, in the Craigdulyart Forest which may have been the cat Gary Mullen came ‘face-to face’ with recently.

Robert Shankland said: “I am currently a researcher, although un-officially, doing research in the Doon Valley/New Galloway Forest areas.

“I am on the lookout for evidence for something much, much bigger and more elusive than big cats, although I am interested in anything unusual and out of the ordinary being seen or witnessed in our Beautiful dense Forests of Scotland.

“The pictures I have included were taken near Corsen Cone, in the Craigdulyart Forest, and way up at the far end of Afton dam, in an outcrop of old mature forest.

“One shows a 16 inch “footprint” the other shows a smaller print with “toe movement” at the front. Another shows a “knuckle mark” of some sort.

“The Doon Valley is what is termed as a Green Corridor. Could something be passing through? Making its way up towards the Highlands and remote parts of Scotland from the forests down South?

“The British Bigfoot Team and Bigfoot Research Scotland seem to think so. Credible sightings have been reported.”

And they think definitive proof shall be found, right here in Scotland.

Have you seen the Big Cat of Corson Cone?

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