ONE of the country’s leading heritage specialists has visited the former village of Glenbuck.

Dr Deidre Cameron of Historic Environment Scotland (HET) joined the campaign group and a representative of current owners for a site visit.

Robin Caldow of the Scottish Mines Restoration Trust (SMRT), has been working with HET to decide on a strategy which will culminate in Glenbuck being put back on the map again.

He said: “The area behind the Ironworks Site is still operational, albeit with buttressing work to safeguard the rock face in that area nearing completion.

“Once that phase is complete we are due to commence importation of soil from the A70 road improvement project, with landscaping to be completed once the soil is placed and prepared for planting.

“Vehicle movements associated with that phase are not yet under way and we should be safe to take access without interrupting the works.

“Our exchanges with HES have been with Dr Kirsty Millican and colleagues, aimed at safeguarding the Ironworks monument area.”

Following on from the meeting with campaigners Barbara Alexander and David Higgins at Rothesay House in Cumnock, then again at Glenbuck itself last week, Mr Caldow will take the proposals to the next SMRT board meeting.

He added: “As a starting point we have overlaid the current site plan with with the 1912 equivalent to see how current features relate to the village boundary.

“This allows us to establish key features and scope a new drone overflight survey which will perhaps be useful in determining locations for signage, paths and tracks.

“We also have copies of the old mine abandonment plans to allow us to correlate shaft detail to the ground as it currently exists.”