VANDALS targeted a garden in Cumnock as they embarked on a wrecking spree.

At 10.50pm on June 19, they pulled out solar lights at a property in Cairnscadden Road and smashed them on the ground.

Witnesses said the mindless act was carried out by a girl in her late teens, wearing dark clothing, who was part of a larger group.

Any residents who noticed or heard anything round about this time, which could help trace those responsible, are asked to contact PC Rutherford at Cumnock Police Station on 101.

Garden crime remains high on the agenda for the force in Cumnock at this time of year, with prevention key to dealing with the issue.

Safer Communities Officer, PC Craig Marshall, said: “Keep hedges, walls and fences low at the front of the property — to a maximum of 1.2m (approx 4ft) high — and in a good state of repair.

“This will allow natural surveillance and make it hard for an intruder to work unseen. Prevent easy access to the back and sides by installing locked gates.

“Rear fences and walls should be a minimum 2m (6.5ft) high, while Trellis topping or an intruder deterrent strip should also be considered to make climbing difficult.

“Make sure bins are located in an area which doesn’t allow them to be easily used as a step to climb over fences or walls or to access windows.”