A GROUP of bungee jumpers have raised money for Hillside School.

Elaine Pringle’s daughter Rebecca attends Hillside so she and her friends and family decided to jumped off a bridge to raise funds.

They have already raised over £1,000 but Elaine is hopeful they can raise a little more.

She said: “We jumped of the Killiecrankie bridge in Perthshire on Sunday, June 17 to raise funds for Hillside School.

“My daughter Rebecca Jess attends the school, she has cerebral palsy and she is in a wheelchair.

“Everyone that took part was friends and family of Rebecca.

“Myself, my partner Mark, Rebecca’s Auntie Sarah, Aunt Janice, Uncle Scott and Uncle Fella all jumped.

“We are sitting just above £1,000 at the moment but we are waiting on a couple of donations and expect to raise about £1,400.”

After a thrilling day out, Elaine explained why they chose to bungee from a bridge.

She said: “I just came out with it one day. Me and my man were talking and he asked me ‘what would you do for your kid?’ and I said I would do anything, even jump off a bridge.

“Within a couple of hours I’d booked it and we were all going to do it.

“It was great, I really enjoyed it and I would do it again.”